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Multi-Plate Screw Press For Blue Algae Dewatering

Multi-Plate Screw Press For Blue Algae Dewatering

The Sludge Dewatering Machine developed by Hengye utilizes the dewatering principles of force-water homo-direction, thin-layer dewatering, proper pressure and extension of the sludge dewatering path.

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The Sludge Dewatering Machine for Blue Algae Dewatering developed by Hengye utilizes the dewatering principles of force-water homo-direction, thin-layer dewatering, proper pressure and extension of the sludge dewatering path. The new equipment, more advanced than the traditional dewatering equipment which are easily blocked, unsuitable for low-concentrated sludge and oily sludge, of high consumption and difficult to operate, well eliminate these problems and are of higher efficiency and power saving.


Our Advantage

1. Wide range of application

This machine can be used in municipal waste water,food industry, drinking industry,slaughterhouse,fish breeding and poultry raising industry,dyeing and printing industry, petrochemical industry,paper industry,leather industry,pharmaceutical industry,etc.This machine can realize dewatering of high concentrate sludge,and they can dewater low concentrate sludge,the lowest concentrate is 2000mg/L.This machine use low speed mechanical squeeze method to realize dewatering.No filter cloth,no mud hole,don't need to rely on the different of gravity and centrifugal force,so they can dewatering all kinds of sludge (include oil-sludge )and no blocked.

2. No secondary pollution

The rotation speed is about 2-3 r/min,no shake,small noise,multi plate can self clean,only need little water to clean,no secondary pollution for water.No odor,odor will not spread to the environment.

3. Save running cost

This machine use mechanical squeeze to realize dewatering,no need rotary drum and other large body,so the whole design is compact and save the running cost.Use low speed screw squeeze technology,save power(unit power consumption is about 0.1kwh/kgDS).No block,only need little water to clean(unit water consumption is about 0.03t/h).24 hours running automatically, no need worker guard,labour cost will save a lot.

4. Automatic working

This machine can work automatically,from suck sludge,add medicine liquid to discharge mud take.No need operater,they can work 24hours.

5. Self-cleaning,no block

The relative movement between fixed ring and movable ring can avoid block effectively.

6. Long working life

Whole design is very compact and light,almost all the material is stainless steel,only need to change screw axis and movable ring.



Why Us

Satisfactory service

- Quick Response Time, 7×24 hours Technical Consultation  

- Feel Free to consult, customized solution for your application.  

- Engineers are available to service machinery overseas.  

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- Train how to install and operate the machine.  

- Complete video operation tutorial  

Advanced dewatering technology

- Design for Dewatering Applications   

- Superior Raw Materials  

- Laser cutting adopts Trumpf technology and the anti-corrosion materials adopts Starck technology  

- First professional screw press production line in China


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