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  • Sludge Dehydrator Machine

    Sludge Dehydrator Machine

    The spiral type sludge dehydrator machine is a kind of water treatment system, which is widely used in municipal wastewater treatment engineering, petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, paper making, pharmaceutical, leather and other industries.

  • Rotating Bar Screen

    Rotating Bar Screen

    Sewage treatment rotating Bar Screen is a continuous grid automatically intercept and clear the debris in the fluid shapes of water treatment equipment, it can be widely used in urban sewage treatment. Water industry, power plant intakes, as well as textiles,...

  • Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen

    Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen

    Yixing Hengye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer and engineering service enterprise. We have kinds of machines with different treating capacity and different inlet sludge...

  • Automatic Mechanical Bar Screen

    Automatic Mechanical Bar Screen

    Automatic Mechanical Bar Screen is a mechanical filter used to remove large objects, such as rags and plastics, from wastewater.

  • Sewage Bar Screen

    Sewage Bar Screen

    Sewage bar screen is the pre-treated equipment for large and middle sized water supply and drainage project, and used for middle and coarse screen in general. It is widely used for municipal wastewater, waterworks, hydropower station and pump station to intercept...

  • Wastewater Treatment Mechanical Fine Bar Screen

    Wastewater Treatment Mechanical Fine Bar Screen

    Mechanical Fine Bar Screen for wastewater treatment is installed at the inlet of pump station or water treatment system. It is composed of pedestal, specific plough shaped tines, rake plate, elevator chain and motor reducer units etc....

  • Mechanical Grille Bar Screen

    Mechanical Grille Bar Screen

    Mechanical grille bar screen is composed of main frame, driving device, tooth harrow and transmission chains. It is installed at water inlet of secondary grill and other water intake units where no large particles are in water. It is also can be used for...

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