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The use and main components of stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press Dec 04, 2018

The stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press can press the dirt to reduce its moisture and volume for transportation. The machine has simple structure, small floor space, convenient installation and maintenance. Except for the opening and exit of the material outlet, the rest can be covered and closed, and the material will not overflow and reduce air pollution.

In the stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press, the main components include: gravity dewatering part, dewatering part, driving part, filter belt rectifying device, cleaning device, transmission device, control part and dehydration part, the main function of gravity dehydration part The material is thoroughly stirred with the drug in the concentration tank and delivered to the drum. A part of the water can be taken off due to its own gravity plus the running drum.

After the material has been pre-concentrated, it will enter the dewatering section of the stainless steel stacked sludge dewatering press, and the mesh will be used to squeeze the material with tightly packed rubber rollers. Thereby achieving the purpose of further dehydration. In addition, the cleaning device is composed of a flushing pipe, a water retaining rubber and a nozzle, and the pressure water pump can be continuously flushed.